Save More with eCoupons and Your Perks Card


When you register your Perks Card online, you can download coupons for the products you like and store them on your Perks Card. No more clipping! Just buy your selected groceries, head to the check-out, swipe and save. All you need to do is login to your Perks Online account to start saving with eCoupons. To do that click on the link above or click HERE.


For instructions on loading coupons please scroll down


Don't have a Perks Card? Download the Perks Card enrollment form and bring it in to Horseheads Jubilee grocery store today.


Coupon Policy

Instructions for Loading E-Coupons:


Click on the link above that says "login to your Perks Online account" or click HERE.


You will see the following:


Ecoupon Login example


Once you login you will see the following:


Directions for Ecoupons


Click on "View and Load E-Coupons" and you will see the following:


By clicking on the "Browse eCoupons (#) tab you will see Coupons that are available.  To Load them simply click on the "Load eCoupon to Card" button.  If you would like to see what coupons you have loaded on your card, you can click on the "My eCoupons (#)" tab.


Loading Ecoupons to Jubilee Card Instructions





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Open 7 days a week

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